Call for BiGmax participation

BiGmax is a highly interdisciplinary Max Planck research network: scientists from materials science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer and engineering sciences are working collectively on advancing the field of big data driven materials science. The principal investigators come from 10 Max Planck Institutes as well as the Max Planck Computing and Data Facility, and they work in teams in the following areas:

1. Structure and plasticity of materials

2. Data diagnostics in imaging

3. Discovering interpretable patterns, correlations, and causality

4. Learning thermodynamic properties of materials

5. Materials Encyclopedia (incl. metadata for exp. samples and methods)

More detailed information about BiGmax can be found at the other pages of

If you are interested in joining BiGmax, please send a 1 page description on your envisioned research project and a detailed C.V as a one pdf file to or 

BiGmax projects should always include significant cooperation between different BiGmax partners from different institutes, exploit the possibilities of BiGmax as a network, and be clearly situated in one of the 5 mentioned subject areas.

Specifically, we would like to involve more excellent young researchers in the cited scientific fields with an experienced background and profound interest in big data driven materials science. In case that there are no other available sources for pursuing the suggested research project, there is a limited amount of funding that can be supplied BigMax. To receive more information about this option, please contact

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