I advise and support BiGmax scientists on developing and tailoring efficient weak and strong scaling software and data management solutions for distilling their experiments and computer simulation results into knowledge.
If you are a BiGmax scientist, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to abovementioned activities. In case you feel that identifying opportunities for improving the efficiency of your current data handling and analysis workflow may be useful for you, please let me know.

Examples of use cases:

  • Spatio-temporal tracking the topological and geometrical evolution of all individuals in multi-million grain population annealing microstructure evolution computer simulation studies
  • Strong scaling open source software for post-processing Atom Probe Tomography and full-field crystal plasticity simulations
  • High-throughput parameter sweeping studies (atom probe tomography/crystallography: generation of simulated datasets for assisting development of automatic indexing techniques, parameter sensitivity analyses of e.g. clustering methods for identifying precipitates, or effect of intrinsic grain boundary properties on recrystallization/grain growth microstructure evolution)

Main expertise:

  • Physical metallurgy, evolution of annealing microstructures, crystal plasticity, texture
  • Diffraction and classical metallography based microstructure characterization techniques
  • Full-field computer simulation modeling of microstructure evolution at the microscopic scale
  • Digital microstructure synthesis
  • Back end focused implementing of distributed and shared memory parallel Materials Science software using C/C++ and Fortran in combination with the MPI and OpenMP APIs
  • Profiling and performance assessments of such software using e. g. Totalview and VTune
  • Front end focused data analyzing using Matlab, Python, R, and Origin
  • Scientific media production and visualization including scripting, shooting, and editing movies using Paraview, Blender, VTK, HDF5/XDMF, Adobe Premiere, and Photoshop
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